The New Yorker

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Directed by Terri Timely
Produced by Brady Welch
Edited by Catherine Bull
Cinematography by Devin Whetstone
Executive Produced by Dawn Ostroff for Condé Nast Entertainment
Music by Roger Neill
Sound Design by Rich Bologna

I forget where I first read about reborns — incredibly lifelike infant dolls, which people either revere or revile. They’re fascinating visually, of course, but also extremely intriguing in terms of what they say about the world of adult make-believe. Ian Kibbey, of the commercial team Terri Timely, had worked with me on similar projects, and I knew this story dovetailed with his interestes and approach. I also had a hunch that a contact of mine at Condé Nast Entertainment would agree. Many thanks to Kate Charles for her generosity and candor in sharing her story.