Strong Made Stronger


✹ ✹ ✹

Directed & Edited by Simon Weyhe
Produced by Brady Welch
Additional Camera by Mathias Nyholm Schmidt & Kasper Hornbek Nielsen
Music by Tommy Guerrero & Monte Vallier

The pupose-driven experiential agency Imprint Projects needed some last-minute help producing what I quickly learned was a wildly ambitious project: shoot a Levi’s Skateboarding lookbook under the guise of a documentary about the DIY construction of the world’s highest skatepark in La Paz, Bolivia.  While the thought of confronting altitude sickness with coca leaves and camping with an international crew of skaters on a construction site held a certain kind of sadistic appeal, I was most intersted in the intersection of brand, storytelling, and real-world impact. Amazingly, the park was completed in the time we were there — despite numerous inevitable setbacks — and not too many jeans were shredded beyond repair.