Multi-disciplinary writer and creative director. Sucker for a great story. Advertising, film, branding, and some strategy. Currently based HERE.

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Won two Emmys and a SXSW Special Jury Prize at The New Yorker1 and VICE.2 Persuaded a weed dispensary to cut a radio ad asking customers to “Just say yes!” with help from Ronald Reagan.3 Directed Bon Appetit’s most viral video ever.4 Created a campaign for Planned Parenthood’s period tracker app.5 Developed a six-part doc series about weird obessions.6 Produced a Levi’s lookbook at 14,000 feet.7 Wrote about some seriously anguished soul singers.8 Filmed the rescue of a one-of-a-kind Mercedes.9 Named the internet’s best financial literacy site.10 Even scored an academic citation.11 

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VICE Media, New York Times, Condé Nast, The New Yorker, Imprint Projects (Levi’s), Media Monks (Southwest Airlines,, BBMG (Planned Parenthood, Target, Lululemon), KMB Creative (Mercedes-Benz)