Won two Emmys and a SXSW Special Jury Prize at The New Yorker1 and VICE.2 Persuaded a weed dispensary to ask customers to “Just say yes!”3 Directed Bon Appetit’s most viral video ever.4 Created a campaign for Planned Parenthood’s period tracker app.5 Developed a six-part doc series about weird obsessions.6 Started a magazine with Lewis H. Lapham.7 Produced a Levi’s lookbook at 14,000 feet.8 Wrote about some seriously anguished soul singers.9 Filmed the rescue of a one-of-a-kind Mercedes.10 Named the internet’s best financial literacy site.11 Even scored an academic citation.12


VICE Media, New York Times, Condé Nast, The New Yorker, Imprint Projects (Levi’s), Media Monks (Southwest Airlines, Booking.com), BBMG (Planned Parenthood, Target, Lululemon), KMB Creative (Mercedes-Benz)