Spot On

Planned Parenthood

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Working in conjunction with BBMG, a Brooklyn-based branding and social impact agency, I wrote and developed a creative concept and accompanying social campaign for Spot On, Planned Parenthood’s first ever smartphone app.

Our campaign for the birth control and period-tracking app aimed to confront taboos about menstruation, and ultimately get one million people with periods to download it.

At the time, the notion of “liking” and “following” things on social media was brand new, and it didn’t seem a great leap for me to suggest, cheekily, that we simply re-appropriate this language for a more impactful end. 


The app and campaign nabbed a Gold Distinction in the 2017 Shorty Social Media Awards, and was also an honoree in Fast Company’s 2017 Innovation By Design Awards. It got over a million downloads worldwide in its first year. 

Agency: BBMG
Strategist: Devon Leahy
Art Director: Jess Pitera