The New Yorker

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I independently produced this short documentary that delves into the misunderstood and oft-maligned world of “reborn” artists. Having previously worked with director Ian Kibbey on a doc about the art forger Mark Landis, I suspected that eerily lifelike infant dolls might interest him. After collaborating on story research, Ian and I settled on reborn artist Kate Charles as our subject. Principal photography took place over a couple weekends, and post took a month. I screened the film for an executive at Condé Nast Entertainment who decided it’d make a great fit at The New Yorker. I then had it submitted to SXSW where the film won Special Jury Prize.

Directed by Terri Timely
Produced by Brady Welch
Edited by Catherine Bull
Cinematography by Devin Whetstone
Executive Produced by Dawn Ostroff for Condé Nast Entertainment
Music by Roger Neill
Sound Design by Rich Bologna