The Deep End

Vice TV

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Vice TV asked me to develop a documentary series around fandom — sneakerheads, ren faire, etc. — but I was more interested in fanaticism. I pitched them a show called “The Deep End” that proposed exploring a gray area where passion bleeds into obsession. It was greenlit, and I collaborated with Vice News correspondent Alice Hines to further develop the series’ themes and episodes. Production occurred during peak pandemic, and I directed from the field, while it was a true team effort to simultaneously run post. The entire series was signed, sealed, and delivered in six months. 

Directed by Brady Welch
Hosted by Alice Hines
Developed & Produced by Brady Welch & Alice Hines
Executive Produced by Elizabeth Tracey & Gregory Wright
Story Producing by Richard Yeagley & Lyle Kendrick
Associate Producing by Stephanie Tangkilisan
Edited by Patrick Mannion, Lex Sadasivan, and Linda Lamm
Cinematography by Nick Kraus, Cody Ball, Kyle Beiermeister, and Colt Aidan Sheldon