The Deep End

Vice TV

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Vice TV asked me to develop a doc series about fandom — sneakerheads, ren faire, etc. Not much excited me about collectors or cosplayers, but I was interested in what happens when passion turns into obsession. I counter-pitched an idea centered around fanaticism called The Deep End. Working with series host and Vice News correspondent Alice Hines, the idea was to delve into the lives of people and subcultures for whom the line between passion and obsession is tenuous at best. The show was greenlit and delivered in six hectic months — during peak pandemic. 

Executive Produced by Elizabeth Tracey & Gregory Wright
Developed & Produced by Brady Welch & Alice Hines
Directed by Brady Welch
Hosted by Alice Hines
Story Producing by Richard Yeagley & Lyle Kendrick
Associate Producing by Stephanie Tangkilisan
Edited by Patrick Mannion, Lex Sadasivan, and Linda Lamm
Cinematography by Nick Kraus, Cody Ball, Kyle Beiermeister, and Colt Aidan Sheldon